Hanna Ostapska and Sanket Kant
IDIGH RI2GHT meeting in preparation of the Research Day at the Research Institute of the MUHC, April 19, 2019 (left to right): Jean-Yves Dube, Sarah Danchuk, Andrea Vucetic, Nowrin Hoque, Hanna Ostapska, Mikhael Attias, Willian Corrêa De Macedo, Tho-Alfakar Al-Aubodah, Monica Elizabeth Dallmann Sauer, George Dong, Pierre-Guy Millette, Eric Béliveau (IDIGH Program Manager), Lauren Nagel, Sanket Kant. 

Co-presidents of the Research Day:

  • Hanna Ostapska
  • Sanket Kant

Organizers of the Work in Progress:

  • Roman Istomine
  • Tho-Alfakar Al-Aubodah

VP Social

  • Nowrin Hoque
  • Andrea Vucetic
  • Pierre-Guy Millette


  • Jean-Yves Dube


  • Emily Maclean


  • Monica Elizabeth Dallmann Sauer

Other members of the committee:

  • Hilary Hendin
  • Fatima Hubaishi
  • Sarah Danchuk
  • Aurelie Le Page
  • George Dong
  • Mikhael Attias


Roman Istomine and James Stewart.

Maxime Lemieux, Brendan Snarr, Marwan Ghanem, Breanna Hodgins, Hanna Ostapska, James Stewart, Roman Istomine, Tho Alfakar, Hilary Hendin, Sanket Kant, Janna Shapiro, Rosalie Ponte, Sabrina Bartolucci.


Marwan Ghanem and Sanket Kant.

Rosalie Ponte, Marwan Ghanem, Alessandra Ricciardi, Sanket Kant, James Stewart, Maxime Lemieux, Sabrina Bartolucci, Tho Alfakar and Roman Istomine.


Alessandra Ricciardi and Constantina Boikos.

Hilary Hendin, Breanna Hodgins, Roman Istomine, Zahra Kiani, Robyn Lee, Alonso Lira Filho, Jeremy Manry, Vinicius Medeiros Fava, Vikram Mehraj, Rosalie Ponte, Andrezza Raposo Borges, Kristin Van Den Ham.

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Latest IDIGH Publications

  1. Luz, P. M., Torres, T. S., Almeida-Brasil, C. C., Marins, L. M. S., Veloso, V. G., Grinsztejn, B., Cox, J. & Moodie, E. E. M.
    High-Risk Sexual Behavior, Binge Drinking and Use of Stimulants are Key Experiences on the Pathway to High Perceived HIV Risk Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Brazil
    AIDS and behavior
  2. Sulis, G., Daniels, B., Kwan, A., Gandra, S., Daftary, A., Das, J. & Pai, M.
    Antibiotic overuse in the primary health care setting: a secondary data analysis of standardised patient studies from India, China and Kenya
    BMJ global health
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    Risk of Incident Diabetes Mellitus, Weight Gain, and their Relationships with Integrase Inhibitor-based Initial Antiretroviral Therapy Among Persons with HIV in the US and Canada
    Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America
  4. Mendel, A., Ennis, D., Go, E., Bakowsky, V., Baldwin, C., Benseler, S. M., Cabral, D. A., Carette, S., Clements-Baker, M., Clifford, A., Cohen Tervaert, J. W., Cox, G., Dehghan, N., Dipchand, C., Dhindsa, N., Famorca, L., Fifi-Mah, A., Garner, S., Girard, L.-P., Lessard, C., Liang, P., Noone, D., Makhzoum, J.-P., Milman, N., Pineau, C. A., Reich, H. N., Rhéaume, M., Robinson, D. B., Rumsey, D. G., Towheed, T. E., Trudeau, J., Twilt, M., Yacyshyn, E., Yeung, R., Barra, L., Khalidi, N. & Pagnoux, C.
    CanVasc consensus recommendations for the management of antineutrophil cytoplasm antibody-associated vasculitis: 2020 update
    The Journal of rheumatology
  5. Lee, T. C., Wilson, M. G., Lawandi, A. & McDonald, E. G.
    Proton pump inhibitors vs. histamine-2 receptor antagonists likely increase mortality in critical care: an updated meta-analysis
    The American journal of medicine
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