The IDIGH program provides emergency freezers in case of a freezer failure. It is mandatory to keep at least two of these freezers empty. Samples coming from an unauthorized use of the freezers or not properly identified will be discarded. Contact the IDIGH administration if you need these freezers.

E03.5040 - Freezer 1

Thermo Scientific 88400D63
This freezer is currently empty

E03.5040 - Freezer 2

Panasonic MDF-U76VA-PA
This freezer is currently empty

E03.5048 - Freezer 12

Panasonic MDF-U76VA-PA
Lab % Used Notes
Jack lab 25 (2019-01-23) New PI, waiting for space.
Olivier lab 15 (2019-02-03) Freezer repaired, samples will be transferred shortly.


IDIGH Program
Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre
Glen site, Block E, Room EM3-3211
1001 Boul Décarie
Montreal, QC H4A 3J1

Program Manager

Eric Beliveau, Ph.D
514-934-1934 ext 76170

Program Assistant

Joanne Krief
514-934-1934 ext 76174